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Welcome to our story. We trust you enjoy some real life experiences, on farm, by looking at the different ways pig farmers raise their animals. I have a farming background and I am passionate about animal welfare. I am very keen to do my bit to produce food without cruelty to the animals that provide it. When I purchased my Micro Pigs I knew that breeding pet pigs would be the perfect way to expand my business whilst doing something that I love. I was thrilled to become a pet pig breeder. It is the ideal solution for me because I love animals, I love to rear animals for the pet market rather than the meat market.

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Pig Facts

Pigs are extraordinarily intelligent. They are curious and insightful animals who are widely accepted as being smarter than young children of at least 3 years of age, dogs, and even some primates.

Pigs are very peaceful animals, rarely showing aggression. The exception, as with many animals, is when a mother with her young offspring is provoked or threatened.

Pigs appear to have a good sense of direction and have found their way home over great distances.

Newborn piglets learn to run to their mothers’ voices and to recognize their own names. Mother pigs sing to their young while nursing.

Pigs have a tremendous sense of smell. The large round disk of cartilage at the tip of the snout is connected to muscle that gives it extra flexibility and strength for rooting in the ground.

Pigs walk on only two of their toes on each feet. pigs look like they are walking on tip toe.

Pigs do not have sweet glands and white pigs burn easily in the sun, hence having to roll in mud to keep cool.

The average sow gives birth to 8 to 12 pigs at a time.


Every farmer has own goal. Goals may be different from individual to individual. The goal for establishing pig farm could be for money making, humanitarian purpose, hobby, family consumption or for research purpose. The aim of setting up the farm must be clearly spelt out this aim will affect mode of operation and scale of production. Consideration should be given to the available capital land and human resources. Where to locate the pig farm in another important factor to take into consideration. In order to avoid conflict, pig farm should not be cited where there are lots of moslems. Busy environment should also be avoided. Pig farm should be cited where there is market potential for the products. Survey of potential buyers of the product should also be carried out when planning for pig business. The scale of production could be either small, medium or large. the scale of production depends on availability of resources, interest and goal of the farmer. Farmer should consider the type of material to be use for the housing construction. Note that there are space sizes required for the pigs which I will be saying later. Adulterated or sub-standard material should be avoided. Environmental factors such as relative humidity, temperature, sun-shine, etc. affect pigs. Also noisy area should be avoided when citing a pig farm. Source of water: Pig farm should be cited where there is good source of water supply.

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